a community theater in Oconto, Wisconsin

Past, Present, and Future

The Machickanee Players have been providing community theater to the Oconto area since 1983. Based at the historic Park Avenue Playhouse (formerly part of St. Mark's Episcopal Church), we currently offer three to four productions each year, and six shows per production. Attendees of our Saturday shows enjoy a fine catered dinner from River City Diner and Smokehouse, and attenees of our Sunday matinees enjoy award-winning pie from OJ's Midtown Restaurant. We have exciting and ambitious initiatives to revitalize our organization, our facility, and our programming.

Our Vision and Values

We are striving to become the center for arts, culture, and entertainment in Oconto. To achieve that goal, we are focused on three core values: offering quality productions, fostering a tight-knit community, and offering more value to our patrons.

Quality Productions
We want to do more than just entertain our audience for a couple of hours. We believe in sharing meaningful stories with compelling characters. We expect our directors and cast members to be proud and passionate about the projects they bring to the stage. We believe that good storytelling (regardless of genre) will resonate and stick with our audience long after they leave the theater. We hope that our audience will be able to relate to the conflicts, decisions, and dilemmas faced by characters in stories and relect upon how these stories may have relevance in their own lives.

Sense of Community
We believe that a tight-knit community translates into passion and enthusiasm for our craft, which will be more evident in our productions. Our members participate in numerous social and team-bonding activities outside of the theater. For most of us, The Machickanee Players are a second family and the Park Avenue Playhouse is a second home. We host workshops throughout the year to help develop the next generations of talent. We are trying to create opportunities for artists of all types - not just thespians, but also musicians, singers, dancers, painters, sculptors, artisans, craftsmen, writers, poets - anyone and everyone who has a creative discipline is welcome to be a part of what we are trying to accomplish. We can and will find a role for everyone who is interested in joining our growing family.

Enhanced Value for Ticket-Holders
Starting with our 2022-2023 season, a ticket to one of our plays will buy you much more. We are exploring a variety of performances, events, and other activities to wed with our theatrical productions to provide our ticket holders with a full evening's worth (or perhaps even an entire day's worth) of entertainment. Additionally, we will be hosting other events throughout the year in between our shows, so keep an eye on our events calendar.

We Welcome You

Come be a part of the great things we are trying to accomplish! There are many ways to be participate in and support The Machickanee Players. Obviously, the easiest way to support us is to attend one of our SHOWS or one of our EVENTS. After all, our organization would mean nothing if not for our audience!

As a non-profit community theater, our ticket sales just about cover our production costs and royalties. Beyond that, we are dependent upon revenue from advertisers, fundraisers, and donors to cover other operational expenses and maintenance on our facilities. Our current fundraising priorities are for making repairs and upgrades to our HVAC system (so we can be open year-round and offer more productions each year) and to make the Park Avenue Playhouse handicap-accessible. Please consider making a DONATION to help us fund these improvements.

As much as we could use money, there is another resource we need even more - we need people. We are a small, but dedicated and anbitious group of individuals who are trying to do the work of an organization four times our size. We could always use fresh blood. We have opportunities for people interested in theater - directors, actors, costume and makeup artists, set deisgners, a/v techs, and more. We are creating more opportunities for other types of artists. Even if you don't have a creative bone in your body, there are opportunities to serve on our board, to serve on committees, or to volunteer as an usher, a server, or to assist with facility maintenance. Again, we can and will find a role for anyone and everyone who wants to JOIN US.