Invest in the Arts

As a non-profit community theater, we depend on the support and generosity of our patrons and surrounding community to keep the lights on. The Park Avenue Theatre is over 150 years old and rich in history, but - like any aging structure - it is in need of some tender loving care. We believe that art and culture should be as inexpensive as possible and accessible to all. Our ticket sales generally cover the costs of minor production-related expenses, such as set construction, royalties, and promotional materials. We do not want to pass the additional costs of improving and maintaining our building directly to our patrons.

We are working tirelessly to provide our patrons with an enjoyable theater experience, but we could use your financial assistance. We host fundraisers and accept donations throughout the year. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, donations made to us are tax-deductible. We may also accept non-monetary donations in the form of construction materials, supplies, tools, and equipment. However, our ability to accept these donations will depend on our need and our ability to store these items. Please contact us to discuss these sorts of donations.

Our Current Fundraising Priorities

1. HVAC Repairs and Upgrades - to better heat the auditorium in the winter and to open up the theatre during the summer (and expand from 3 shows to 4 shows per year)
2. Handicap Accessiblity